Lack of defense attention and poor attack accuracy compound Real's misery in first loss of the season

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo had a chance to increase the league lead but defenders lacking attention and attackers missing accuracy did not manage to assist the team as SF Vikings sunk the Tricolores 3-0 on the strength of two goals in 5 minutes during the second half at Silver Terrace field this past Sunday.

In the 4th minute, Real created a great passing combination. Matias recovered the ball in the left wing and played with Murillo. He touched to the side to Fabio who carried and passed it back to Murillo in the offensive half. Murillo gave it back to Fabio who opened to Cris in the right wing. Cris tried to switch again to Murillo, but the defender cleared it. Fabio got the ball and dribbled two defenders, but got held back by one of them. Free kick for Real. Fabio shot it in the lower, left corner but the goalkeeper saved it.

In the 10th minute, throw-in for Real. Leandro played with Humberto who passed it back to Mike. He opened with Matias. Matias tried to stop the ball and lost it to the forward. He sent a cross inside the box and, although Mike saved the split shot with the other forward, he was in an offside position.

Five minutes later, free kick for Vikings. The ball got sent in the box, but Ever cleared it out. The midfielder sent the ball back in the box at the left side. Player #13 sent a low cross inside the box and Player #12 shot first time, but the ball went over the bar.

In the 20th minute, Real was indeed linking some good passes, but the last couple of touches were not effective. Vikings started to press and got a corner kick. The ball was sent all the way to the second post. Player #7 was alone and sent a fast cross inside the small box to Player #12 who just headed in easily. Vikings 1-0.

In the 26th minute, throw-in for Vikings. Matt cleared it and Bobby played with Leandro. He brought it down, dribbled the midfielder and sent a perfect through ball to Fabio. He went through the defenders and entered the box. He tried a shot from 18 yards out, but it went wide off the far post.

Three minutes before the end of the half, Mike sent the goal kick to Omar. He opened with Cris in the right wing. He gave it to Leandro who quickly laid it sideways to Bobby who sent a through ball to Omar. He sent the ball inside the box, but the defender cleared it. Leandro got the rebound and sent it again to Bobby at the top of the arc. He tried a first time header, but it was easy for the goalkeeper.

Real came back to the second half pressin hard. In the 53rd minute, throw-in for Real. Carlinhos sent it to Bobby who played with Amine. He passed it to Fabio who sent it back to him in the left wing inside the box. He carried the ball and sent a low cross to Leandro. He tried a first time shot but the goalkeeper saved it. Seven minutes later, throw-in for Vikings. Mike could not catch it and the Vikings forward recovered it inside the box. He sent a cross back towards the penalty mark and after a frustrated bicycle kick, Vikings forward hit a nice shot at the post and the ball went back to Mike's hands luckly.

In the 62nd minute, Matt cleared the ball and the bounce fooled the right back. Saulo brought the ball down and opened with Amine in the left wing inside the box. He sent another perfect cross to Leandro, but he managed to miss the goal inside the small box and the goalkeeper saved.

Any chance of a second half comeback was quickly erased when in the 64th minute Vikings got a throw-in. The whole defense was out of position and Vikings player sent the ball quickly inside the box. Scott and Matt were staring at the fowards and after two touches, Player #8 was free at the penalty mark to score. Vikings 2-0.

Five minutes later, throw-in for Vikings. Matt tried to clear it, but the ball went back and Vikings forward headed to the goal over Mike and scored the third. Vikings 3-0.

In the 80th minute, free kick for Real. Pitufo played with Cris. He sent a through ball to Leandro. He played with Nedjo and then with Saulo. He tried a shot but got intercepted. Humberto got the rebound and tried a shot from 40 yards out, but the ball went inches of the top bar. The referee decided to finish the game with 42 minutes. When asked by Real's coach Fabio, he replied: "...It was actually almost 43 minutes...". It makes you wonder why since each half should have at least 45 minutes plus added time...

Despite of the first loss of the season, Real Sao Paulo coninues in the top 3 positions only one point now behind the leaders Martin Macks with one extra game than the Tricolores. Real's next match is against SF City FC on Sunday at the Crocker Amazon #3 and Real will have step up a notch in order to regain the league lead.

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