Punchless Kezar FC unable to break down stingy and attacking Real's defense

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Leandro Monteiro continued his torrid scoring pace on Sunday, scoring his league-leading eleventh goal of the season as the Real Sao Paulo FC beat Kezar FC 1-0 at the renovated Polo Fields. In what was the first game of the second round, Real piled up their second consecutive victory getting back to the top three of the table.

And while the Tricolores put the clamps on their opponents and walked away with the victory, the score could have been a little more in favor of the hosts as Kezar FC goalkeeper performed eight outstanding saves.

In the 2nd minute, throw-in for Kezar FC. Murillo recovered it and sent a long ball into the box. It bounced inside the area and David had a great chance to open the score, but he shot right on the goalkeeper who managed to save it. Three minutes later, corner kick for Real. Leanddro played short with Murillo who set it aside and tried to curve it to the far, upper corner, but the ball went inches off the post.

In the 10th minute, Kezar goalkeeper sent a long ball to the attack. Cris recovered it and played with Fabio in the left wing. He sent it to David who passed it back to Cris. He tried to find Leandro, but instead tried a 40-yard shot. It was going right at the upper right corner, but the goalkeepre managed to perform an amazing save sending it to corner kick for Real.

In the 15th minute, Kezar had their first chance with a free kick. The ball was sent inside the box, but the forward headed it out of bounds.

Ten minutes later, Mike managed to intercept a cross and played with Fabio in the left wing. Fabio carried towards the attack and started crossing towards the midfield. He saw David opened in the right side inside the box and gave him a nice through ball. David tried the shot, but the goalkeeper saved it again.

In the 28th minute, throw-in for Real. Nedjo played with Leandro who gave it to David. He lost the ball but Cris recovered and switched side. Murillo, Nedjo and Rodrigo created a nice combination. Murillo got fouled but the ref did not call it. Saulo recovered the ball and tried a 40-yard shot. The ball hit the top bar.

Five minutes later, Nedjo recovered the ball in the center midfield and played with Fabio. He opened to Leandro who cut inside the box and laid it to Fabio in the top of the arc. He tried the first time shot but the goalkeeper managed to perform an incredible save and sent it to corner. In the 34th minute, Leandro recovered the ball and played with Saulo. He switched the game to the other side to David inside the box. He brought it down and tried the shot, but it went over the bar.

In the 37th minute, throw-in for Real. Saulo played with Leandro who sent it to Murillo inside the box. He waited for the defenders to get closer and laid it back to Fabio in the top of the arc. He tried another first time shot, but the ball hit the post this time and went out of bounds. Four minutes later, throw-in for Real. Saulo played with David who gave it to Leandro. Cris recovered the ball and switched with Rodrigo. He gave it to Murillo who called a one-two with Fabio in the top of the arc. Fabio back heeled it to him. He dribbled the defender and tried the shot from outside of the box, but the ball went out inches off the left post.

The second half was much of the same as the match was bogged down in the Kezar FC's defense field. Real defenders did well to clamp down on Kezar's rare attacks and limited their service from the flanks.

In the 53rd minute, throw-in for Real. Rodrigo played with Nedjo who gave it to Saulo. Saulo lost the ball and Murillo recovered it. He dribbled two players and sent a through ball to Saulo. He carried to the end line and crossed it to Marcos David inside the box. He tried the header, but the goalkeeper saved it again.

One minute later, Cris recovered the ball and Matt cleared it. Saulo pull the counter-attack and got fouled in the top of the arc. Fabio took it and shot a low ball. The goalkeeper saved and rebounded it but nobody was there to put it in.

In the 62nd minute, free kick for Kezar. Player #2 sent the ball inside the box and the forward had the chance to open the score but he hit the post. Mike recovered the ball and started the counter-attack sending the ball to Fabio in the midfield. He carried the ball in the left wing, dribbled the right back, carried it to the end line and sent a back pass to Amine in the top of the arc. He tried a shot first time, but the ball went out inches of the right post.

In the 70th minute, they finally did it! Free kick for Kezar. Scott cleared it. Kezar got the throw-in and tried to send the ball inside the box, but Matt cleared it again. Saulo played with Fabio in the left wing. He tried to switch completely to Marcos David in the right wing, but the defender intercepted and send it out of bounds. David threw it in to Nedjo. He waited for Rodrigo and passed him a perfect pass. Rodrigo sent an amazing through ball to Marcos David inside the box. He carried to the end line and sent a perfect cross to Leandro. He shot first time and scored for Real with no chances for the goalkeeper this time! Real 1-0.

The win brought the tricolores back to the top positions only one point behind the current leaders. "We had 19 shots on target against only 2 from them, but we have to get more inside the net. Their goalkeeper saved 8 times! If we were a little cleaner and took a better shot, or a better pass choice, I think we would have scored two or three goals tonight." said Real's coach Fabio. Real now plays against Bosnjaci F.C. The tricolores intend to pick another win next Sunday and start challenging for the lead of the table again.

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