Real Sao Paulo srtuggles with injuries, but gets 3-1 win against AC Milan

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The Real Sao Paulo had found the going tough against AC Milan during the first half of the game, suffering several player injuries and taking a tying goal due to a terrible defense mistake. But on the second half of the match on Sunday morning at Crocker Amazon #4, Real found a way to turn the tables, earning a 3-1 win over the AC Milan side, with goals coming from three different scorers.

Hat trick and shutout to help Real rout SF Celtic Reserves by six goals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Forward Leandro Monteiro, coming back from suspension, did not waste the opportunity to assist Real extending their unbeaten string to 9 games with a 6-0 win against SF Celtic Reserves at Crocker Amazon #3 field on Sunday afternoon. The forward got a hat trick and the solid defense helped Real to gain 3 more points and another shutout, the fifth of the season so far.

Real extends unbeaten run to eight matches with scorching victory against Rovers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Goals from Fabio, Rodrigo and Marcos David helped Real extend their unbeaten string to 8 games with a 3-1 win against Melchester Rovers at Beach Chalet #1 field on Sunday afternoon. The midfield performance coupled with a solid defensive effort and a few nice saves from keeper Sandro Britz helped Real settle for now Real's dominance in this rivalry matchup against the Irish team.

Draw and bad referee calls leave Real wanting more against Golden Gate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- On paper, a draw against the league's top side is a good result. On the Crocker Amazon #3 pitch, however, Real Sao Paulo were far from satisfied from their 1-1 draw with the Golden Gate University on Sunday afternoon. The frustrated Red-White-and-Black took no solace in earning point from GGU even more after having two goals mistakenly cancelled by the referee and linesman during the game.

With triple hat tricks, Real Sao Paulo defeats Haitian by 13-2, new league record

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- With three players getting hat trick - Fabio (4), Mauro (3), and Marcos David (3) - the Real Sao Paulo defeated the Haitian Express by 13-2 Sunday at the Crocker Amazon #3 field. Real scored only one goal and missed a couple of dozen of them in the first half. In the second though, a dozen of goals was enough for the Haitians to give up and for the referee to finish the game almost 10 minutes earlier.

Real Sao Paulo grinded out win against SF City and gets closer to leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- A first-half goal by Leandro Monteiro was enough for the Real Sao Paulo to defeat the visiting SF City Reserves 1-0 Sunday at Beach Chalet #1 field. SF City Reserves got their second defeat by Real this season and Leandro now has 9 goal this year and his stats prove he can become the striker of the team with eight games still to go. The win also positions Real only three points behind the leaders.

Real's attack surge and keeper consistency leave AC Milan soaked by 3-0

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Led by a pair of goals from forward Leandro Monteiro and a cleansheet by goalkeeper Sandro Britz, the Real Sao Paulo took advantage of AC Milan's incomplete roster and rolled to a 3-0 victory Wednesday at Crocker Amazon #3 field. The game was decided in a fifteen-minute spell on the second half and Leandro was the decider in the attack as Sandro was the savior during the first half.

Real fought back but ended up with a bittersweet 1-1 draw against Bosnajci

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- After handing Berenice their first loss by six goals of 2009 last Sunday, Real Sao Paulo headed into this week feeling pretty good about their chances against Bosnajci, who had won the first game against Real by 3-1. After taking a 1-0 first-half goal Sunday at Beach Chalet #1, the home side got a goal from debutting player Eduardo Silva to bail itself out in what ended up a bittersweet 1-1 draw.

Breno makes dazzling debut getting hat trick on 6-1 win against Berenice Reserves

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- If a player's performance in his first game of the season is a portent of things to come, then things are certainly going to be well for Real's new forward Breno Batista for the rest of the season. He debutted this Sunday at Beach Chalet #1 field in the first game of the second half of the season against Berenice Reserves and scored his first 3 goals besides creating several other opportunities.

Real proves who should have been champions last year by defeating Tyneside 4-1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Much more than just three points were in the table in Real's 4-1 victory against 3rd place Tyneside this Sunday at Crocker Amazon #3 Stadium. As both teams tied in second place in the 2008 season, only one point behind the champions SF City Reserves, this was the right opportunity to prove who really deserved to win the league last year as both teams had already won against SF City Reserves this year.

Real plagued by scoring troubles and by poor referees lost 1-0 to Martin Macks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The Real Sao Paulo FC goal-scoring inconsistencies continued Sunday morning in their 1-0 loss to Martin Macks. Despite of missing four starter players and having to bear with a high-school referee being assessed to work at the SFSFL league, their frustrations are tempered by the fact that they are creating numerous chances while limiting their opposition to only a few -- and sometimes getting down right unlucky.

Champions! Real Sao Paulo F.C. wins 8v8 Brazillian Soccer Fest 2009 in Berkeley, CA

BERKELEY, CA -- The Real Sao Paulo F.C. was invited to the Brazillian Soccer Fest 2009 tournament which took place this Saturday and Sunday (05/23 and 05/24) at the brand new Gilman St. fields in Berkeley, CA. Seven, top-quality 8v8 teams played against each other - four games on Saturday and two games on Sunday - before the top two teams decided the tournament.

Poor second half leads to Real loss by three goals to Club Marin Reserves

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C. has given up most of its goals against in the first 15 minutes of the second halves of the games and it's an alarming trend that every player and coach agrees needs to be put to rest. Club Marin Reserves' win by three goals this Sunday at the Polo Fields #1 Stadium puts Real 6 points behind the leaders with one game less than them.

Real shows maturation against SF Celtic Reserves winning second straight by 4 goals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- There is no doubt an evolution and a revolution has taken place on the soccer field for Real Sao Paulo. It seems winning is becoming a habit and a part of the culture on the Real side. Two pieces of evidence for that transformation stand out in Real's 4-1 victory against SF Celtic Reserves this Sunday afternoon at Crocker Amazon #3 Stadium.

Four goals, shutout, and Real renews its confidence against Melchester Rovers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- When Real Sao Paulo players stepped into the terrible Polo Field #1 grass this hot Sunday noon, an impressive 4-0 win was indeed unexpected. Nonetheless, they really pulled it off and defeated old rival Melchester Rovers, moving one position up and taking the position from the Irish team in the league table.

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